Network Browsing coming and going

Aug 31, 2008
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I am a recent switcher only a week old at that. the problem i am having is the ability to browse the other PCs on my network seems to be coming and going. on day its working great the next its not. Also the PC on the network seem to come and go as well. the odd thing is they are not in sync. if the PCs can't browse the mac can as is the contrary but it is more random than that. Right now as i write this My macbook can't nor can the XP PCs but the 2 Vista PCs can see each other. for example. We are on a cincinnati Bell zoomtown wireless router. The brand is Westell. I know the other computers are accessible tho. I can connect to them threw the Go connect to server menu in the finder, and my browsed and added printer (connected to a vista Machine) still works.

If anyone knows something that could be disturbing this network or settings i could be looking for. I know a lot about networking. but this one has me stumped. I have looked at all of the usual suspects Workgroup Firewalls anti everything

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