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Apr 20, 2007
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Wayne County, NY
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i was trying to install all the games i played as a kid onto my computer, and there is one that i can not seem to remeber tha name of, i remember i played it around 1993- 1996 ( i believe) it involved the use your character ( a small guy in a blue trenchcoat sort of thing with a red hat) and you went around and collected bananas or some sort of item on the ground, you would go into different rooms, and you would solve problems, such as electrical or the use of gears to get a job done, you would also answer problems about fulcrums, and weights and levers, as you answered these problems correctly you would open the door and you would try to collect different parts of a vehicle, such as an engine, wheels, and other such items, and you would then race against your enemy (some sort of mad scientist) and if you won you would continue to the next level, and then you would have to solve more challenging and challenging problems. if anyone knows of this game or the name, that would be great
thank you
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