Need some help w/ a mac i am struggling to put together..



Need some help w/ a mac i am struggling to put together..

Having been having problems installing OS on the system..
basically it is a beige desktop. upgraded processor to g3 400.. has about 256M RAM.
not too familiar w/ installation of OSX operating system. Have set HD to master and cd drive to slave. both drives on same channel. Not sure which channel they are on. I know on board the way it is laid out..


not sure which of the 2 channels is primary and which is secondary.
should both the cd and hd be on same channel setup as master hd and slave cd for install???

also when booting from OSX cd, is there anything special that i should do or should it just boot up to install after i turn on the mac?? desparately seeking help..

i am used to working on PC's and thought it would be similar...

thanks in advance for the assistance..


Well, I haven't used the powermac G3, and I'm not pretty sure if you need special assignments on your drives to install OSX, I'm used to PCs too, but in Mac it uses to be much simplier, just try booting from the Mac OS Install Cd, it is easy to install, it just asks in which disk or partition you want to install, and after it is installed, it adjusts your system so it boots from the disk you installed OSX on.

Hope this helps.
Jan 15, 2003
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Whangarei, New Zealand
Your Mac's Specs
I think you're on the right track. I don't believe the cd has to be changed to master if you want to boot off it (if that's what you're asking).

I say just put in the cd, hold down 'c' and if the hard drive comes up when you get to choose the destination disk then it's fine.


ok.. thanks for the advise so far.. anyone know which of the ide channels is the primary ide???

is it the one closest to the scsi channel or the one farthest away??

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