Need some help here, TM problems

Feb 28, 2010
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Hollywood, CA
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15" 2.4ghz i5 Macbook Pro
Hey guys and girls.

I could use some help here. I recently completely backed up my HD with Time Machine and started a clean install of LION.

Everything went smoothly and I got Lion up and running, plugged in my external drive and started restoring iPhoto, iTunes, applications, and so on..

WELL, here's where things went south.

I backed up my computer last night (my account names are different) and now I'm unable to access any of my older files on the time machine backup. I just get a " you do not have permission to see the contents xxxx". How do I fix this? do I have to change my user name? I've done the "get info" on the folders and tried changing permissions but nothing has worked as of yet.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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