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Need Proof



Hey, new to the forum & thought u guys could help me win a small battle. I work for a very large co. 3 of us are in the graphic & video dept. & we all work on macs. The IT person is trying to convince our employers that my dept. should upgrade over to PC Windows & shes winning. She says " Macs are going to cause problems w/ her Windows network." Not true, she is just anti-mac. Were graphic artist, not computer engineers, we just know that macs flat out work. Need some articles, documents, or any info anyone can share so I can prove to our employers it's better for us to upgrade mac, not PC. We work w/ all Adobe & Apple pro products. Photoshop especially. Thanks for the support.
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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Well here is a list that will help, and SAMBA sharing Mac/windows is no problem! :rolleyes:


just set up a meeting, and show them how nicely os x networking works.....and tell them you can't do your graphics work effectively on a pc with windows, and that she needs to move over to macs.


OS X is more compatible with the windows network then the windows computers are!!!(well not really, but u understand where im coming from)
She's full of s#@%!!! The Macs use what's known as transparent networking, and allows you to access practically any network ever made (just for laughs my dad who is an IT consultant accessed files on an old IBM server that was made in the early 90's!!!) try this website for info straight from the manufacturer on networking info:

hope it helps

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