need help with office v. x

Oct 6, 2003
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Aluminum PowerBook G4. 15.2" SUPAH-drive
just recently bought Office v. X with my friends. However, being the jerks they are they gave me a pirated cd-key for the fun of it. So when I typed it in, it says that there's an error or something. So i just deleted the office x folder in the applications folder. and i unstuffed the .dmg file again and installed it. but for some reason, it continues using the same cd-key i had previously entered. So my question is how can i completly remove the file from my computer. also, when i tried to delete office x it said that i couldn't delete shmem. and microsoft component x and a few other files. but yah, please help. i need to write an essay due in 5 hours.

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