Need Help with Flat panel display



hey guys, i was wondering if i could get some feeback from people who may know some stuff about these monitors and their compatability....

i own a 17inch flat panel..but i want to be able to hook it up to a pc once in a while as well.

i just ordered this

i believe it will be what i need....but i cant be sure...

my pc has a Geforce 4 Ti4600 with a DVI output along with VGA....

my concerns are this, the flat panel has no power cord...the ADC connection supplied that, but now that im converting to DVI, im hoping the box on the converter has power?

and also, in theory this will work...but has anyone tried it?...i know the site says "you can hook it up to your PoweBook G4" but says nothing about hooking it up to a pc that uses DVI as well.....

thanks in advance for any info you can provide me with

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