Need help: drives won't load after Disk Utility crash

Nov 18, 2011
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What happened
I have a portable 500gb HDD with two partitions: one mac (400GB) and one Fat32 (100GB). I wanted to erase the Fat32 drive to see if I could combine it with the Mac one. I went to Disk Utility to selected erase on the Fat32. It froze at "Preparing to Erase" so I quit the program.

At this point both drives were still mounted (I think... I know the Mac one was) so I ejected it and reconnected. When I reconnected it, Disk Utility auto-popped up but it froze the computer so I restarted the computer.

Now when I connect the drive to my computer, neither partition shows up in Finder. I've tried loading Disk Utility to see if it can do anything but all it does is stay on the "Gathering disk information..." screen forever.

Is there anyway to at least get back the Mac drive? There is data on there that I need for work.

UPDATE: Nevermind. I hooked it up to my PC, formatted the Fat32 part, and that seemed to get everything else back in line.

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