NEED HELP! 15" pb vs. 12" pb vs. ibook vs. a desktop...



Right now I am right in the middle of a major decision. And i thought maybe everyone here could help me out a little.
I am going to purchase a new computer in the next couple weeks, and it is definately going to be a mac. I need something that will last me for 4 years (or however long college takes me) and i really want something portable. At first i was thinking about the higher end of the 15" powerbooks but i looked into it and it seems like its having alot of problems. So then i was thinking about saving some time and money and getting the 12", but i really wanted the extra screen space and i am liking the backlit keyboard and of course the faster processor. What do you think?
Then i was also thinking about getting the higher end ibook or lowest end powerbook, most likely the latter of the 2, and then taking the money i save and buying a desktop model - either a mid range imac or a g4 powermac. I really need something with some power to it because i do alot of image and video editing. The goal here is to get the most versitile thing possible that will last the longest and save the most money in the long run.

Thank you very much for any help anyone can give me.


hey lisen i would wait till like the end of january becuase by then apple should come out with some new products. i my self am going to buy the 15" PB if its not updated next month.


why wait for soemthing new..cause when something new comes will probably end up having problems as well
i got a original powerbook G4 17 and it works issues...and its got tones of xtra screen spcae, its like the protable desktop !
i take it to class and record my lectures with the internal mic, great for presenting projects.
i even use it when im dj'n aswell the backlite keyboard makes sure i dont need and external light source, running tracktor and final scratch no problems no skipping no freezing...good choice if you ask me

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