my story-need help!

Dec 12, 2009
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Ok, so here is the story and background information: I have a macbook pro running 10.6.2 and i have windows 7 running on bootcamp. Yesterday i was in osx then switched over to windows to do a few things. This morning i restart my computer to go back into osx and i get the grey screen with the spinning wheel and under the wheel is a loading bar, it loads half way then starts over with another loading halfway then the computer shuts down. So i called apple today and the guy said that i am missing the boot drives and to bring it into the store. When i bring it in the guy does some tests and says that i need a new hard drive. Im not sure that this is true because when in windows i use the program macdrive 8 and i can see all the files and use them from the osx side. If the hard drive was broken wouldnt i not be able to do that? BTW macdrive does acknowlege that something is wrong by saying "this drive is damaged would you like to mount anyways" so i do and it works fine. What do you think??

Sep 9, 2009
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Down Under :D
Your Mac's Specs
Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
It sounds like your drive is dying!
The computer was trying to start in safe mode.
What I would do first though before heading to Apple is back everything up onto an external HD, preferably with CCC or SuperDuper and then, boot from your install disk, and repair disk permissions, and then verify, and repair disk if any errors come up.
To do thiis just go to menu bar after you have selected language to utilities>disk utilities.
Then quit disk utility and installer and reboot.
Post back with results.

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