My Sawtooth 400 overclock

Jun 19, 2008
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For anybody else playing around:

Double checked revision of motherboard. Uni-N revision 7 is required.

Upgraded firmware to 4.2.8. This required that I aquire a copy of 9.2

Purchased a Dual G4 500 Mhz CPU board off of ebay.

Removed the surface mount resistor in the R9 position found in the bottom of the page at I used copper braided solder remover to pull the sodler and then the chip just fell off.

Created a small circuitboard with DIP switches and 1 kOhm resistors from rat shack. Soldered Switch positions 1, 3, 5, 7 to resistor locations R7, R9, R11, and R13 respectively. In this way I can conveniently change clock speeds while overclocking.

Rat shack only had 24 guage wire, so I just used two copper strands intertwined with a 15w solder gun and a very small amount of solder for the surface mount soldering. Very careful to clip away the other copper strands completely to the insulation so as to avoid shorts.

Set DIP switch 3 (5x multiplier) and rebooted. 500 Mhz duals reported by Tiger. Great. Shut down. Set 3 and 5 (5.5x multiplier) 550 Mhz Duals reported by Tiger. Great. Shut down. Set 5 (6x multiplier) 600 Mhz DUals reported by Tiger. No troubles at 600 so far. No active cooling. I'll probably just leave it there as that is a 20% overclock.

Feels reasonably responsive. Definitely usable. Much better while multitasking.

At some point I want to throw Quicksilvers in there with the 12V mod and overclock those. I don't want to lose my ATA port though.

Also curious about trying out the 133 MHz FSB, which would give me some much needed memory bandwidth and would be easy to play with given the ease with which I can now adjust clock multipliers..

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