My PB Seemed to get Slower..



Ive had my 12" pb for about 2 weeks now. I have a 1.33 ghz g4, 768mb ram, with the super drive. When i first got it, i installed and player unreal 2004 and it worked pretty good. it wasnt amazing or anything, but it was pretty **** good for a laptop. Now, its choppy, and i end up getting killed before i even realize theres someone in front of me. what's the deal with that? i of course have no programs running except for unreal, and with 768mb of ram, the game should be able to run sufficiently. i use mac janitor and repair permissions 1x a week...


Besides mac janitor and repair permissions, maybe a disk defrag would help? Do you have any programs (like VLP) that eat up RAM in the background, whether or not they're even open?

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