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Ok, maybe this is a holdover from my PC days, but I just ordered my first Mac since my Apple IIe in the 80s -- a brand new, 17" PowerBook, with 1 GB ram and the faster hdd. Well, I am anxious that Mac will release a newer, faster PB. I HATE to buy a new computer, and then have something faster come out immediately. So, my question is twofold: is my new PB a good buy, and, secondly, does anyone have an idea when the new PB will come out, and what it will be? Is there a G5 PB in the future? Thanks!!!


They just came out with new updated powerbooks with in the last few weeks. It will be a good while before a G5 can be put in a PowerBook. It produces way to much heat. Apple says maybe by the end of next year but you never know, they could suprise us.
Jul 22, 2003
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yea you are fine with getting yours when you did. with the new updates in the end of september you have very little to worry about it being changed within at least 5-6 months. i got my 15" 2 months before the update and even still im not that mad because mine still runs perfectly and all the updates were just minor things that could help switch people but nothing absolutely required (although ap extreme and builtin bluetooth would be nice)

the g5 pb will take a long time to come out since all of the heating issues. i also do not think the g5 in a powerbook right now would really be worth it since not all software is optimized yet and g5 doesnt really show what it can do until you get into the dual processor

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