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Oct 15, 2011
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Good evening to everyone on the forum.

I have put this post laptops, as it does involve my MacBook Pro, but also my iPhone 4 on 4.1 and my fiances iPhone 3Gs also on 4.1 .

The issue that we both have, is that we had our iPhone synced to different windows machines, and have now bought the MacBook, but have yet to sync our phones in fear of losing all the data.

I have a couple of questions that I hope people can answer on here, I have been to a couple of Apple stores, and people have so far failed to answer the problem.

We clearly don't want to lose personal data such as text messages, photos and music purchased through itunes, and apps.

If we simply plug either phone into the mac for an update, mine to iOS 5, and hers to the latest a 3Gs can get, will we lose data?

If yes, can we avoid this?

Would it be possible, to access iCloud on the MacBook with our apple accounts, get all the music we have purchased, download it onto the Mac, and then send it back to mine when I have access to iCloud with iOS 5 update?

Some people have suggested taking the latest back up from the windows machine - not possible as one is u/s and the other in not much better condition.

I would really really appreciate any and all help on this, I hope this comes up a lot and people much smarter than I have an easy solution.

All the best,


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