Multiple AirPlay Speakers for 1 room

Feb 20, 2015
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I have read some of the discussions on the topic, however my question has not been covered...
Basically, I have 1 B&W AirPlay speaker and would like to add another from B&O in the same room.
Now, I don't have to have it if it is too much pain and hassle because 1 powers it enough, however I like A9 very much and can use it with my TV(DLNA) as well. Anyway I can use iTunes, AirFoil and iPhone/iPad. Main Question Will they be in Sync??
WHAALE can be made in sync as far as I know, but cannot use iOS as easily as it is with 1 device.
How about iTunes and AirFoil? will they be flawless with 2 devices?

Any heads up?

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