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MSN help


Mac Apple

Im at uni and live in halls, I am connected to a LAN network. This is a problem that a few of us mac users are having. (the majority being pc users)

It started by mac users not being able to access email accounts. we have to use IE6 because Safari wont connect them. My proxie settings are correct so I dont see why it does not work. Ideas? Anyone with same problem?

Also I have been trying to get msn messenger to work, I did so by changing the proxie settings and switching it to ‘ use passive http”. It now logs in but disconnects after about 5 min. I searched the web for other people with this problem and i read suggestions about trying proteous or fire. Downloaded and installed these but both would not access the msn users which is what i want.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

(dont know if pics help?)

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