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Moving videos from the iPhone to the iPad.

Nov 25, 2010
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Ok so I thought this was going to be easy. I got an iPhone 4s th other day. I started taking videos and wanted to edit some on my iPad. So I transferred the videos to my Mac mini. Then started to move them over to iTunes to sync with the iPad. Or so I thought. I assumed they both used the same format for videos. When it comes to the native video player you sync to on the iPad it's mp4 only. Oh and the iPhone videos are .mov. So I had an app I haven't used in awhile called road movie....I think. Yeah the videos are upside down and look like garbage. So I guess my question is how to I convert them over to mp4 with out losing the great quality videos my new phone took?
Nov 29, 2010
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Black 13.3" MacBook 4,1 Intel Core2 Duo, 4Gigs Ram (2x2G), 2.4GHz, OS X 10.7.2
Try this:

In iTunes on your Mac Mini, select the video and click Advanced->Create iPad or AppleTV Version. When it's done converting it, there should be two of the video in your library (the original .mov one, plus the newly created .mp4 one). Connect your iPad and sync the newer of the two files.

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