Moving all my digital media to another drive...

Oct 31, 2006
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So I moved all my music, video, dvd images etc... to a Western Digital MyBook drive. I updated the options in iTunes to find my data. My only complaint (kind of nitpicky really) is how to get my music and movie icons back in the sidebar of my finder menu. After I removed the old music & movie folders from my primary drive the sidebar shortcuts were gone. I replaced them with shortcuts to the new folders on the other drive but now instead of the nifty treble clef & movie clack board I have only been able to replace them with folder icons with the aforementioned images on them.

I know it is kind of trivial but ever since I switched to Mac I have actually begun to enjoy looking at my UI and I now want it to be perfect. Is it a matter of simply finding the system folder with the proper icon file and replacing it? Help me. I am crippled by years of window torture.
Oct 27, 2005
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Here are a couple of links to apps that will help you to change the icons/theme on your mac:



Watch what you're doing though, as it's easy to come unstuck. Make sure you back up any System Icons before changing them.

To change an icon:

Do a Get Info on the icon you want to use. Click on the icon to select it and press Command + C. Next do a Get Info on the icon you want to change and highlight the icon at the top of the window and press Command + V. The new icon should show up now.

To restore the SideBar icons you need, navigate to this folder:

MacintoshHD -> Users -> YourUserName

It's here you will find the Music/Movies folders just drag them onto the sidebar where they were.

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