Migration assist to a smaller hard drive

Dec 22, 2007
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I am migrating from a larger hard drive to a smaller flash storage drive. I was hoping to use migration assist however, i need to delete some data from my current hard drive. When I look at the Mac HD, it says I have 350 gb used, but my home folder looks like it has only 103 gb. I have no idea where an additional 250 gb of data might be residing. Apple suggested that I just back up from iCloud, and from the HOme folder backup on my Time Machine backup. My concern, is that I am somehow going to miss 250 gb of data somewhere and don't know what it is and can't identify it. Does anyone have any insight if that approach makes sense and what that other data might be? Thanks.
Feb 29, 2012
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An extra partition?

An invisible folder?

Have you emptied the Trash?

The Home folder is only your User. It doesn't include the Library which is normally hidden from you and any other Users.

If you can't see the files/folders they are not going to be migrated. Migration can be iffy at the best of times, don't get rid of your original drive until you have confirmed you have everything.

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