Microphone Problems - Please Help I Will Do Anything

Oct 20, 2014
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Ok first of all, I have been searching for MONTHS to find a solution to this problem. Having this problem fixed will make me happy even if my family died. I would be more than grateful to the person who fixes this.

Let me state all the facts:

1. I have an ATR USB Condenser Microphone
2. I have a 2011 Desktop Mac
3. I have a powered and unpowered USB hub


When I record in 44100, there is a constant static buzz. When I record in 48000, there are small little pops or clicks that happen randomly. Now it is extremely random in volume and amount.

What I Have Tried:

1. Changing Sample Rate of Recording Programs and Mike Itself
2. Using powered and unpowered USB hub
3. Using different USB ports
4. Turing off bluetooth and wifi

Other Details:

1. Works on another Mac computer (Macbook)
2. I have headset mike that also has buzzing problem, but I can make it to work eventually
3. I have a ethernet cable to computer
4. I have USB mouse to computer

I would owe my life to the person who solves this. The last three places I have asked this, no one replied! Community, I promise I will make it up to you if you solve this. :$

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