MBP/Bootcamp/Win7 USB's not working

Nov 19, 2014
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Ok so Im not a newbie I have been running windows and linux machines for quite a few years but this is my first mac :) and this has got me really stumped
I have a MBP 13' retina late 2013 256gb 8gb ram with Windows 7 on Bootcamp.
as I say I'm used to windows as most of the programs I use are only available for it, so I use that a lot but do also use the Mac partition a fair bit.
I have an Integral 32gb usb3 stick which works fine in all my machines win, mac, ubuntu and win bootcamp. My problem is -
I recently bough a Data traveller 32gb stick and then because I couldn't get it to work I got an Integral 64gb stick exactly like the 32gb one.
Both of the new sticks do not work when in win 7 boot camp but they work in all my other machines but not in win7 bootcamp.
I have formatted them ntfs fat fat32 exfat and rufus I have reinstalled the drivers and spent hours trying to get these to work and everything I've read but to no avail.
They dont appear in Disk Management at all but in Device manager but under Other Devices have tried uninstalling them and the drivers but nothing seems to work.
I got no answers in macrumors just hoping some one here will have an answer for me.

thanks in advance Andrew

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