Mail has stopped working on my I-Mac

Nov 16, 2011
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Hello, any help greatly appreciated.

A couple of days ago I was sending an email using Mail when I noticed that the attachment was huge. I deleted the message as it was sending (by pressing the x next to it under Mail Activity), and since then my mail is not receiving or sending anything.

The internet is working fine. Connection Doctor shows all green status and "connection and login to server succeeded"

It seem to still be trying to send this huge message, and I think that's affecting it. However I can't see the email in the Sent Items folder.

About every few hours it automatically fires another copy of the message (with huge attachment) to a folder called "Recovered Mail."

I am able to successfully view my emails only by logging onto the Mobile Me website.

I have also tried the "Rebuild" option under Mailbox menu, but this doesn't seem to make anything happen.

I have restarted the computer many times, but no change.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to stop mail trying to keep re-sending this (now invisible) email.

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