Mail app 'use this mailbox for Junk' not working for IMAP Spam folder

Oct 11, 2011
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Hi there. Just setting up my new Intel iMac (now that my old PowerPC iMac is getting tired).

I use webmail from 1and1 and have sucessfully managed five accounts via Mac OS X MAIL and its IMAP configuration for the past six years.

I have managed to setup the five email accounts in MAIL on the new iMac (MAC OS X Lion) but am now struggling with two things:-

1) Select my IMAP 'spam' folder, go to MAILBOX / USE THIS MAILBOX FOR / JUNK. For some reason the folder (and content) is not moving to the MAIL 'Junk' folder for the account

2) I cannot create a new folder within the INBOX of an account. I select account in left-hand pane, then MAILBOX / NEW MAILBOX / enter NAME - however I've noticed that the 'folder' is being created at the top-level of the email account, rather than within the INBOX. This was always possible to do within MAIL on the old iMac (running MAC OS X 10.4). My short-term workaround is to log into webmail, create a new folder within the INBOX structure, then refresh iMac MAIL which then shows the new folder within my INBOX.

Appreciate your help. Apologies is this is a tad long-winded. I'm a newbie!

Many thanks

- Intel iMac
- Mac OS X 10.7
- Mail 5.0

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