Magic Mouse = Slow WiFi on MBP

Dec 15, 2014
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Hey peeps! I'm new to the forum but plan on checking back through the posts often so, hi! :)

I have an issue, and through process of elimination i've found that when using the Apple bluetooth Magic Mouse my wifi speeds slow down substantially and my connection occasionally drops to a standstill (every 2 minutes or so, lasting about a minute of avg 2kb/s speeds), if i turn the mouse off, my internet is constant and fast!

A) Has anyone else found this? I've seen some articles about this but nothing recently. I took it to the Apple store but they were unable to help me.

B) I love the magic mouse and it's features suit me well but in the case i can't resolve this what are some good alternatives? I'm assuming i will need something i can plug in... -_-

I have a MID/LATE 2014 Macbook Pro running 10.10.1

Thanks for your time - good day!

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