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We are upgrading to OSX 10.3.2, and currently use Netscape Navigator in OS9. We are a graphics company and download very large files from our e-mail, and we are having problems becuase the memory settings are allocated so low for Netscape. . . (some of our files could be like 500Mb.) and it is like you can not do anything else when downloading from Netscape. . . like we use to be able to just let them download in the background and then multi task working in Photoshop or something and in OSX, it doesn't seem like we can do that . . . Any suggestions?
Feb 25, 2003
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:D someone didn't do their homework.

OSX you can put ... netscape if thats is really what you will want to use.. in the background.. or even foreground.. and go play another application.

(also you can select your netscape file in os9, and get info. and allocate your own memory :) )


but if you allicate it in OS9, it is only allocated if you run it in 9 correct?

Do you have any suggestions on mail service that works better in OS10 for those large files??? It doesn't seem like the mail that came on there is really easy for attachments and stuff.

And for homework. . . hmmm, I never did it in high school and kind of off and on do it now. . . but hardly ever do it in the OSX area. . .too many things on my plate right now. :)

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