MacNav with Compuserve




I've been using MacNav with Compuserve classic for a few years. Laterly it has been giving me messages to the effect that there is some kind of error and unauthorized use and haven't been able to log in after the handshake.

I'm using an IBook, with modem 9.2.2. Also, I can't get the Compuserve software (ver 3) to even dial (tried 2 different computers). I've also tried CS ver 2.4.4 and I can't even get it configured.

In talking to CS support (which is almost worthless) I finally got a guy who spoke Engligh and sounded like he was knowledgable. He advised me to swith to the CS2000 service, as he couldn't help with classic.Is this a mistake?

Is anyone using MacNav with Compuserve? Thanks,


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