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Macintosh And Space Satellites - Tracking, Photographing, Etc

Dec 6, 2017
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I am normally a lurker here but...

Disclaimer - this is NOT something that I intend to get paid for!

As a dedicated Mac user, I wanted to track satellites and get photos of them using the Mac. This has been a two year voyage of discovery (and much frustration) since there is software but little support; you have to go to many sites and dig deeply. But I have gotten several things working great.

This might be of interest to astronomers, science teachers, photographers, etc. I use Macs to see where satellites are going to be (so you could look at them, etc) and do some analysis. I take photos of satellites as they go over head and produce "observations" so that you can generate orbital parameters for them. I have not yet gotten that orbital parameter generation software running, I currently depend on others to do that for me.

First - there IS a lot of good Mac software, both running in Java or as a Unix application. I put together a web page (see the disclaimer above):

Mac Satellite Tracking Applications

If you want to track satellites (there are many good reasons to do this):

Optical Satellite Tracking

Hopefully this comes in handy for someone.

amateur astronomer, orbital analysis, astrophotography, coding in C, C++, Objective-C

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May 21, 2012
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Thanks for posting this information. I have previously tried satellite trackers for my iPhone, but never really thought much about it while sitting at home.