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Dec 31, 2014
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London, UK
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Hi guys,

I have recently been using my Dad's Macbook Pro, Retina a little bit and now I have gone back to my Macbook Pro and it is by comparison incredibly slow. I wondered if anybody knew of any little tricks that could be used to speed up this once wonderful machine and restore it to its former glory?

I do have a External HDD, so I could upload all of my files onto there and restore but I am looking for simpler options and things that could be quite fun to do with the Mac!



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Jul 17, 2009
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Before we do anything, we need exact specs of the two machines. First of all comparing the Retina MBP to a regular MBP is unfair because the rMBP has a blazing fast SSD as compared to the spinning media on the MBP. Even if you upgraded the MBP to a SSD, the interface is slower than the one on the rMBP.

For comparison points, on my rMBP through Blackmagic disk test, I get about 800 MB/s reads and writes to my internal SSD. I get about 100 MB/s read and 85 MB/s writes to an external USB3.0 HDD. I get about 400 MB/s read and write to an external USB3.0 SSD.

Next, the processors and the generations of the processor make a difference. While the rMBP might be a lower clocked processor, potentially being a newer generation than the MBP with a higher clock speed still makes it overall faster..

The amount of memory you have also makes a difference.

So there is a little tip/trick/tweak that can make two physically different machines perform at the same level, but you can indeed clean things up to get the MBP back to what it was when it was purchased.

Also, make sure you aren't looking at the MBP through rose-colored (or Retina colored in this case :) ) glasses and presuming there's a problem when there isn't one..

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