Macbook Pro Battery Issue

Mar 24, 2010
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I bought a Macbook Pro around 4 years ago. While under warranty, the macbook pro battery just bulged and apple replaced it. Around 2 weeks back I had my macbook on my lap and was working on it. Felt a bulge with a thud sound. Guess what? It has happened again. Apple says this is very normal. Wanted to find out if this is something expected or am I just one of those guys out of luck and well conned!!
I got a diagnostics done on the macbook pro from the apple service center and they told me there is nothing wrong with the motherboard. My worry is in the last 3 years this battery bulge issue has happened twice.

I am still using Os X 10.4.11 which pretty much serves my purpose in the classroom.

Currently I dont want to risk buying another battery lest that also fail like this one.
Sep 9, 2009
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Down Under :D
Your Mac's Specs
Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
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I don't know who from Apple told you that this is very normal, as it's most certainly not!
I think that you've just had bad luck.
Anyway, I would definitely be calling Apple, even though you are well and truely out of warranty, and explaing the situation, and getting an email address for corresspondence, and that you can send pictures.
I believe even though it could be really bad luck, that it could be something very wrong with your Mac, that may have been overlooked when it was repaired.
This can be a major fire hazard, and Apple should look at this with no charge incurred by you!

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