MacBook pro 2012 boots ? Folder

Feb 18, 2015
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My MacBook pro 2012 died the other day and only boots to the ? Folder. I booted into Internet recovery and ran disk utility but the hard drive isn't found under the application. So I brought the computer into a local shop and they quoted me for 400 usd to fix it. This is far too much to spend on an older laptop, so I figured I'd order a new Sata cable and hard drive to fix it myself.

Can I still install the OS from Internet recovery? I'm worried that it won't let me format the drive and install the OS from the Internet (although I have done this before when the HDD was working?)
I'm going to order to the parts tonight. Thinking about a crucial 250gb solid state and sata cable, and small screw drivers to get the back open. Thanks for all your help.

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