MacBook or Laptop

Oct 28, 2011
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Sorry guys...age old question I know.

Ive had the corporate answer now I want a proficient users input.

Since day 1 Ive used laptops, since day 1 Ive also used, loved and enjoyed the iPhone and iPads.

However, Im a normal guy who runs the Marketing and eComms section of a charity and also co-manages an upcoming cycling team. Im NOT a student or professional businessman who are the 'apparent' standard users of the Apple platform.

So MB,MBP or MBAir and in laymans terms I need good answers and need to justify the cost differential to a non techi wife lol.

In all honesty, i'm not poor, but the price scares the **** out of me when I can get a Laptop for the 1/4 of the price.

I currently use a Samsung RV511 with i3 Processor if that helps any.

Thanks for time in advance all.


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May 20, 2008
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Regarding the thread title..."MacBook or Laptop"...MacBooks ARE laptops!;)

I think that what you mean is..."Windows laptop or Apple/Mac laptop"?

However...I don't see any strong reasons for you to switch to a Mac laptop (yes you mentioned liking iPhones & iPads) if:

- you are familiar with the Windows OS.
- if you have a lot of money invested in Windows based software...that either does not have a Macintosh version or a Macintosh version would need to be repurchased.
- if you feel you can get a Windows laptop for 1/4 the price

If you want to try a can "play" with them for a while at a local Apple Store...or sometimes you just got to "take the plunge" and buy one.

Owning a Mac is mainly about the OS experience...and what many people say is..."They just work!":)

- Nick
Jan 19, 2008
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houston texas
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1.) Is lightweight a concern?
2.) Can you live with a 13 inch screen ?
3.) Do you use an optical drive a lot ?
4.) Will you be running Windows on it? If so in Bootcamp or VM ?
If you do a part to part comparison you can not get a windows laptop for a quarter of the price maybe a hundred or so cheaper then you will still not have OSX and iLife besides having the industries best trackpad.

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