Macbook Microsoft Office Mail Merge Issues

Jan 19, 2015
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I use a macbook air with Microsoft Office 2011.

I have created an Excel document that I use to keep track of grades in my classroom. This document calculates averages and produces sentences that I then merge into a Word document. I use this to send an individualized email to each of my students' parents.

I have had this document for several years and have constantly made updates to it. It was created on a Windows platform, until three years ago when I changed schools that used Macs. I was able to open and work with the document with no problems. However, when I go to the word document, it will show the first student's letter, but if I try to preview other results or email to other parents in the same list, it will not show anything. In a class of 29 students, only one email will be sent (the student I could see).

I have made other Excel documents that mail merge just fine. Even if I copy just three lines from my main document though, it will not work. I have created new word documents and merged them to mine, but it hasn't worked. I have searched and searched, but cannot find anything to explain this issue.

Here is the weird part: I can edit the Excel and Word documents on my Mac, send them to my Google Drive, and when I download them on a Windows machine, it shows everything perfectly.

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