MacBook Locking Up

Jan 9, 2007
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MacBook Core2 Duo 2GHZ, G4 PowerBook 1GHZ
Been having a problem with my 6 week old 2 ghz MacBook C2D.
At first I had a sleep problem. I would put it to sleep by closing the lid, wait for the light to start pulsing, then stuff it in my manpurse, 30 minutes later I pull it out, the fan is racing and it's hot as **** and won't wake up, push power button to shutdown. I thought maybe it was how I was putting to sleep was causing it, tried option/command/eject to put it to sleep, didn't solve it. Searched these forums, zapped PRAM, it seemed to fix it.

Now, pretty much daily, I would click on something, get the pinwheel of death, option/command/esc or anything else would not bring it out of it, power button to shutdown and start over. Can't come up with anything consistent for when it does it, I could just click on something after it has been sitting for a minute or two it would do it, click on few things fairly quick it would cause it, no consistency. Thought maybe it was because of the "Turn off hardrive when possible" feature enabled in Powersave, but it does it before the hard drive even has had a chance to sleep.
I put 2 gb's of Gskill in it about 3 weeks ago along with a 160 gb WD hard drive.
I ran the GUI version of Memtest osx, no problems, ran the extended version of Apple Hardware Test, no problems.
Anybody have any ideas?
Been a user for over 4 years, love Apple, love Mac, ain't ever gonna give up on them.
Thanks in advance.

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