Macbook Crashing when Sound is played - URGNT

Nov 5, 2011
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Hi everyone,

My macbook(the white one, if that is helpful), is currently crashing whenever any sort of sound would have been played by the computer. This initially happened in the middle of youtube video I was watching on firefox. The sound disappeared, the volume icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen greyed out, and there was only a fuzzy clicking coming through my headphones every second or so. I got the 'beachball of doom', and firefox, and the program I had open(skype) froze. I shut down my computer.

When I opened it, things were somewhat back to normal, however, whenever I performed an action that would make a sound(like pressing the increase/decrease volume buttons on my keyboard) would cause the clicking to start again, and my computer freezes. The only way to stop this is by shutting the computer down. Small noises(the noise mac makes on start up) cause the clicking to resume, but there is minimal slowdown. Skype is also frozen currently.

Any help I could get would be great, as I ahve a lot of school work to do :(

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