Macbook Air water damage?

Apr 16, 2015
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I water damaged my macbook air 2012 a1466 about a year ago nothing worked when it got water damaged. I placed it in rice and replaced the battery, and my laptop started working perfectly no glitches. But now after a year I am having trouble with this laptop sometimes when I plug it in to the power source the screen goes blank and there is no light on the macbook charger but when I pull out the charger the laptop works fine. Sometimes when I tap the laptop from the back around the I/O board area the charger starts charging and everything works fine.But after my laptop is physically moved around a little the problem will occur again and the laptop will screen will go blank and the laptop itself will be unresponsive when I plug in the charger?
Everything in the laptop works perfectly except that issue of the battery not charging sometime.

Tapping the laptop from the back does not always work so I open the laptop and just disconnect the I/O flex wire and after a while it will sometimes work but when I move it again it will stop.

What is wrong with my laptop?
what part could it be?
I think its the I/O flex cable? or the entire I/O board ?
May 19, 2009
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Waiting for a mate . . .
Your Mac's Specs
21" iMac 2.9Ghz 16GB RAM - 10.11.3, iPhone6s & iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1, ATV 4Th Gen tvOS, ATV3
1st Liquid + Electricity = dead

There is no way to tell exactly what the issue is, but as you have seen, and in many cases, liquid damage can show its ugly head 2/10/12/24 months down the track, and the only real fix it to replace the logic board, as this is the biggest part of the Notebook that takes most of the damage.
A new Logic Board will set you back minimum $700USD and then some.

The only true way to get a take on what is wrong is to take it into Apple and get them to do a Diagnostic on the machine and give you a definite answer.
With water, you can dry it straight away and think you got the problem fixed, but water/liquid can slowly cause corrosion, and it will come up as a white powder looking stuff, and once it is there, and its started the corrosive process there is no way to stop it.

Im sorry, but the machine WILL stop working completely sooner rather than later.

Have a look at this sticky for a little more info

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