Macbook A1181 Logic Board

Mar 28, 2010
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Hello all fellow patrons of mac,

I am currently in search of a good price to buy an A1181 Logic Board for a macbook that I have inherited. I work at a computer store and the computer was diagnosed with a bad mobo by our Certified Apple tech. The customer decided he didn't want it and just bought a new one. Now I am in search of a decent price for a motherboard so i can switch it out and use it. I have found some online for about $85.00, but don't really trust the sites all that much. If anyone has any info on where i can pick one up let me know. I would like to stick with sites that sell Mac only, but beggars can't be choosers. If anyone out there has one that they are willing to sell, I might be up for that also. Thanks!


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