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Mac users - please help



Hi all you Mac users,

I sure do wish I had a Mac this very moment, butsadly I dont :( I need a small favour from you kind members.

I'm doing a project on building an online shop using OSCommerce. In the testing phase, I need to show browser compatibility. I've got IE, Netscape, Opera etc sorted out on a PC.

However, I dont have a Mac, so I was hoping some of you kind Mac users could simply go to http://www.oscommerce.com/osCommerce22ms2/ (a sample OSCommerce page) using your Mac and whatever browser you may be using, could you please just simply click about on a few links on the pages, taking screenshots of all the pages and simply send them my way or attach them here.

Thanks guys! :)
Feb 25, 2003
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OSCommerce is a nice shop, I have one, and it looks pretty in any browser or OS :D


Thanks Mac Apple!! :D

Those screenshots look amazing - so glossy! Thanks soo much - thats exactly what I was looking for.

Could you please tell me what Mac OS version you are using and also, what the name of your browser and version number is please?

Thanks again!


Graphite and anybody else who has these sexy Mac's.. could you tell me a few names of browsers that you can get for the Mac and how they differ etc.

Also, more screenshots in different Mac browsers would be great, if possible.

Mac Apple

glad pictures were useful.
Im using Safari 1.0.1 and I am operating on OSX 10.2.8.

Dont know much about browsers. I know of...

•Internet explorer

hope this helps

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