Mac Promotional deal



Hi I am going to be switching to an ibook in a couple of days and I was on the apple site looking around. There is a deal where you buy an ibook or powerbook, a printer, and an ipod and then the give you $450 off. I was wondering if there are anystores where I dont have to order online so I could go in a buy it right away(like the mac store). By the way I live in Canada, alberta calgary if it helps.


I have a question for you. Where is this deal I surfed the website with no luck in finding it. I too am in the market for a laptop, I am going for the powerbook. And an Ipod has been consuming my thoughts latley. So I did a little math and could I buy the 299 Ipod and the 149 printer that totals about 460 with tax and all. So basically I am adding ten bucks to my price tag and walking away with a printer, ipod, and powerbook?

And how long is this deal going to last?

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