Mac Pro 1,1 2007 - Memory Upgrades

Feb 2, 2015
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Good day, this is my first post here, and I signed up just so I can get some real world answers from fellow Mac Pro 1,1 goes;

Today in 2015, do people still recommend Komputerbay or Nemix as I've seen suggested in older posts?

I'm in a REALLY BAD situation, I'm in the middle of completing a project, and the Memory crapped out on me this weekend. I was already considering upgrading to a Mac Pro 2009 for the hardware benefits, but now I'm in IMMEDIATE NEED of Ram, and need to complete this project before I can even think about upgrading to a Mac Pro 2009.

Having said that, OWC's 16GB is $265.00 and NEMIX 16GB on Amazon is $99 _10?ie=UTF8&qid=1422849560&sr=8-10&keywords=nemix+16gb

To stir the pot even further, this morning I searched eBay and came across a used set of Samsung 16GB for $78.00 06-1-1-2007-2-1-Samsun-/371236253038?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item566f67ad6e#r pdCntId as well as a used set of Crucial 16GB for $79.80 06-1-1-2007-2-1-Memory-/351282005551

I would consider new memory from Crucial, but their website doesn't show anything new at all for the Mac Pro, it seems as if they no longer make memory for the Mac Pro 1,1 2006-2007.

I've had my Mac Pro 1,1 for 3 years, and I bought it from the original owner who upgraded the Ram to 8GB...I'm now down to 2GB, and my Audio Software won't even load.

I'm in DESPERATE NEED of RAM, and if I could save more than a few bucks, then I will...If I have to spend $265 at OWC, I'll do it, but I won't be a happy camper because I'd rather put that extra money into an SSD that's in the very near future for me. I NEED to make a purchase today, so I can get back on the project by the end of the week.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and thank you in advance for your forthcoming advice/suggestions.

All The Best!!!

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