Mac OSX boots in safe mode but not in normal

Oct 24, 2011
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So my girlfriends old G5 iMac wouldn't start up correctly. So first thing I did was rebooted into firewire mode and backed up what she needed.

Once that was done I restarted the computer in "cd mode" and erased and reinstalled the operating system. ( this was done over night )

When I woke up the computer was shut down. I rebooted and the same issue as before. It seems like the operating system would start but it just sits on the blue screen with my mouse being displayed.

So I rebooted the computer in safe mode and it asked me to insert DVD 2 from the install disks. Once I did her mac finished installing the OS. I go through the whole registration process and moments later Im staring at her new installed mac screen / desktop. I updated all the system updates at this time. Once it was finished installing I rebooted the computer ( normal mode ) AND THE SAME THING that happen earlier happens again "sits on the blue screen with my mouse being displayed"

Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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