Mac Mini and IDVD and Dual-Layer Media

Apr 26, 2007
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First of all, I'm not a knowledgeable Mac user. Less than a year ago I purchased a Mac Mini expressly to burn movies using IMovie and IDVD.

I have always had a *little* trouble with the burn stage . . . for some reason I find it best to do a restart right before I burn the DVD . . . it has reduced the number of unsuccessful burns.

Burning dual-layered DVDs has been much more of an issue but I have in the past burned several . . . therefore, yes, I have a drive capable of burning dual-layered DVDs and yes, I change the setting in those two places (why two, I wonder) where single and double are in a drop.

But lately, which makes me suspect a recent upgrade (when I am prompted to upgrade, I do, so it's up-to-date on the OS and applications), is that I simply cannot get a dual-layer DVD to burn properly.

As I said, I restart to clear memory, etc. Make sure I have plenty of drive space, and start the process (generally around 4 hours!).

When I return, the DVD has popped out, and the IDVD screen is hung up with the status bar all the way to the right just above the burn radio button. In most cases the actual media has not been touched (i.e. I can't see a ring and the drive says it's blank). When I click cancel, it goes to 'Clean up' but runs a long time . . . it also seems hung up . . . I've let it run about 15 minutes and have seen no change. Generally I can only get control back by unplugging the Mac.

There is no error message. It simply seems to be hung up and have ejected the DVD. As I said, I have until recently (a week ot two) been able to get a dual-layer DVD to burn . . . usually after a couple tries.

Anyone have any ideas? I'll admit I'm frustrated at this point. I bought this Mac Mini just for this purpose and don't "clutter" it with other things so that all the memory and storage can be used for movie burning.

Thank you.

Dan Keefer

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