MAc keeps changing permissions on shared folders

Nov 23, 2011
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Hi all

Fairly new to my iMac and am struggling with permissions related to a web development setup.

Special note: If I edit files on the mac itself, the issue below does not occur, only when editing from Windows. Also when the error occurs if I review the shares and permissions on the mac they are unchanged visibly from "Get info" or under System Prefs.

I have my iMac networked via a router to my Windows 7 PC. I use the Mac to host my local development and do the actual coding on my Windows machine.

I then start to edit a file (Using PHPStorm on Windows 7) and save it and then I get a Internal 500 error for that file when I refresh the browser. The page will now only show if I navigate on the mac to the website folder and right click and choose get info.

I then have to turn Read and Write to Read only and back to Read and Write, under Sharing and Permissions and then "Apply to enclosed items..." before this will show in the browser.

Additional info (In case its relevant): my Mac has no issue with browsing my Windows 7 shared folders. My Windows 7 has no issue browsing to my Mac folders AS LONG AS I have mapped a network drive to the folder I want to access. I cant seem to browse by starting in Network places and clicking the icon to my mac, that gives me a error as follows:

\\MYMAC is not accessable. You might not have permission to access this network resource. The remote procedure call failed.

My development setup is as follows:

Mac OS X with Server running. All my web sites I am working on are located within a folder under /Users/johncogan/Sites/Php/

So acme website would be /Users/johncogan/Sites/Php/acme/

I have File Sharing turned on in server with Sites set as shared with Read/Write access to user 'Everyone', under Settings both AFB and SMB are ticked
Under System Pref-> Sharing, File Sharing is also ticked with Sites also shared as above. Option shows AFP and SMB also ticked.

I can browse the development website without issue and also browse the website folders and files from my windows machine.

This is becoming a bit of a pain because I have to do it between each edit and save of the file.

Is there any way I can get this to be Read/Write all the time so I can simply get on with my work instead of fighting the security?

Many thanks

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