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mac for video editing

Oct 6, 2011
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, noob mistake!
But i just got a canon t2i, and my current laptop( non-mac) can not handle the files, since it's a very slow laptop.
I need( want) a mac t edit these smoothly and without hassles. I really dont mind if it is desktop or laptop, but I wouldmost likely but it refurbished since they are significantly cheaper, and look brand new.
price range is pretty low ~700 I'd say... im only 16 without a real job so money is kinda hard to come by, since I spent all my money on the t2i..



This camera records video in h.264 and shoots in RAW or JPEG, so basically any Mac made in the last few years (and certainly anything in the Apple refurbished section) can handle it. They all come with iPhoto and iMovie which can handle it, and Aperture (probably a better choice for working with RAW files) is only $80.

$700, on the other hand, isn't going to go that far with recent Macs. They tend to hold onto their value for a LONG time, so you're going to be quite hard-pressed to find a good one for $700. I'd suggest saving for a bit longer and getting a refurbished iMac or MacBook Pro from Apple, a Core iX class machine if possible or at least a Core2Duo.

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