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Mac AVI movie wont play on windows

Oct 24, 2011
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Hi there. I created a movie using keynotes, exported as quicktime and finally edited with music using imovies. Final 'movie' is in m4v format.

My videographer who is using windows (adobe premiere) cannot read this file. He asked for AVI so i downloaded mpeg_streamclip to convert this m4v file to AVI but he still cannot add or read it as he says its not a Microsoft AVI.

He has 2 DVDs to make of my 2 daughters 1st birthdays and he cant do the 2 dvds without my 2 presentations.

He now tells me he managed to convert one but having seen it on the final DVD, the frame jumps along with the audio in a couple of places.

How do i do this? please help.
Nov 29, 2010
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Warrington, UK
Your Mac's Specs
PPC Mini, 10.4.11. Intel Mini, 10.6.8. MacBook Pro, 10.14.6. M1 MBA 11.6.3 iPhone 5 iOS 12.5,
An avi file is just a container for the video and audio components of your movie. The video and audio can be produced by various codecs. If his PC doesn't have the same codec as your Mac, then he can't play them.

Try using MPEGStreamclip to convert to mpeg4, Quicktime, or both, and see if they work for him.

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