Mac app to create local web site search?

Oct 10, 2011
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Hello guys,

I have a few small web sites built completely from static pages - no CMS (yeah, that's oldskool :) ).

I’d now like to add site search to these sites – i.e. a local search engine that will allow a visitor to search the HTML pages of this site. If it could also index PDF and Word documents on those sites, even better.

Now Google Site Search and other commercial, web-based services are simply too expensive for these non-commercial projects, so I'd like to use an installable, binary software for spidering and creating indexes for these sites.

I have found products that will create a search feature/index for a web site, but they are Windows only: Zoom + Search Maker Pro and a few others.

Does anyone know about Mac apps doing the same (i.e., build a search index for a site and make it available to site visitors using some JavaScript)? I haven't found anything so far. It would be nice if I could do all web site production tasks in OS X.

Thank you!

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