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Loving My iMac But Need Help

As a long time PC user and a recent switcher (having seen the light after Windows XP ruined three PC's!) I am struggling to find a few things on my mac that I could do easily on my PC. For the record I am running OS 9.2.2 until I can get a faster imac (just got a 233MHz G3 with 96Mb RAM to see if I would stick with the mac).

1. iTunes - which is the earliest version that can rip tunes from CD's - I want to be able to store my music on my apple but my version of itunes doesnt seem to be able to rip mp3's (i use Musicmatch jukebox on my pc and it is very straightforward, unfortunately it's not available on Mac OS. Is there a version of iTunes that will run on 9.2.2 or is there another program I could download instead?

2. I have a Creative Labs jukebox but iTunes doesn't recognise it, I am looking at getting a smaller mp3 player that will connect via USB and will appear like a removeable drive - any recommendations? The Creative Muvo looks good but doesn't say if it is Mac compatible.

I'm sure I will find more questions as I use my mac more but so far so good, thanks for a great forum and I know you guys will be able to help me out!




Hey Chris,
I'm using iTunes in OS X now but before I made the upgrade I was using iTunes in OS 9.2.2 and I converted my music files to MP3 files all the time!

Do this: Create a Playlist by selecting the top File menu>New Playlist, give it a name.
Then select the "iTunes" menu from the top then select "Preferences".
Select the Import Tab, change the Import Using drop down menu to "MP3 Encoder" click ok.
Click the Music CD icon or select Library in the iTunes left window.
Shift click the songs you want to convert to MP3 or select one song then hit the command(Apple key) and
the "A" key to select all the songs. Click and drag the songs to your new playlist. They will
be imported and converted to MP3. Or select "Advanced" from the top menu then "Convert selection to MP3".
Thats it!

The iPods and the new Mini iPod MP3 player works well with iTunes.

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