Lost contacts after upgrade from 3s to 4s

Oct 21, 2011
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Dear All,
I have just migrated from iPhone3s to 4s. Just before I have upgraded to OS5 on my old 3s, did backup, and transferred stuff to new 4s. All went absolutely fine with everything transferred. Than I changed backup option to "backup to icloud" to transfer music that worked perfect. Finally I gave my old iPhone to my son forgetting to disable my iCloud on old device. After while my all contacts on my new 4S were gone an replaced with my son's! He obviously deleted it from my old phone, and it was still connected to iCloud, also from my new phone.

Is there any chance to restore it? Is there an option on iCloud to choose previous backup folder or is it all gone for ever?

I have tried change backup folder in computer iTunes options but that didn't work.

I would appreciate your help.

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