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listen to this



(I was reading another forum comparing the ipod and the iriver, well one dude is trying to decide between which one to get he said this) The guy under him is from another forum saying that everything he said good about the iriver is bad. so my thing is why is everyone trying to work up to the level apple is) it is so pitiful.

Location: Connecticut
Posts: 10 iRiver fan baby...

Well I am kinda new to the whole Hard Drive Disc Players scene and need some help. As you can see from the title I have fell in love with iRiver. I want the iHP-120 so much!!! It is up to you guys to make me buy an iPod 20 GB over an iRiver iHP-120. Well this is what you are working against: $350, FM Tuner, Recognized as Hard Drive (Drop and Drag), Line In/Out (For Recording), Internal and External Microphone Included (For Recording), 16 hours of playback, Plays: MP3, OGG, WMA, ASF, and Wav, In-Line LCD Remote, and also there is the option to make a external battery charger for the iHP.

The iHP can have an external AA charger made for it. For about $15 you can make an external AA charger for the iHP. The external AA charger would take four AAs and it would charge the iHP full 2 times. This means that the iHP can have 45+ hours of playback without touching a power outlet! Let me explain. You charge the iHP fully (16 hours). Then you leave (to wherever) and bring the external charger with you. The iHP's battery goes low and you just fully charge it again (another 16 hours!). Then you play it again until the battery in the iHP goes down. You charge another time (another 16 hours!!!). Well that is 48 hours in all. Also you could use the player when it is charging also, so that really adds up to 54 hours!!!(iHP takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery) Now I think the iPod needs a lot of goodies to beat that. To get an iPod battery charger you need to dish out at least $50. That is not reasonable at all. Also I still don't think it would get 40+ hours out of it with the iPod and external charger.

Since I have been bashing on the iPod so much I will tell the positives that like about the iPod.
-The cradle with the iPod is just so nice. Wish there were something like that for the iRiver.
-I like the Touch Scrool thing on it too. That is just amazing how it works.
-iPod truly paved the way for many players and just for that it should get much respect.
-I like how the menus look very simple.
-The accessories that that's available to the iPod.
-Simple yet elegent design (Nice, but I think it looks kinda girlish)

I few more things that would make me go towards the iHP is that it is compatiable with PCs. I know that the iPod is too, but I hear a lot of people say that the iRiver is for people with PCs and the iPod is for people with Macs. Also is it true that if the battery dies the information on the hard drive (either player) is gone? That would make me think twice about having a Hard Drive Player.

Thanks for reading and hopefully people will post real comments. I really don't want replies like "iPod all the way..." or "iPod is the best...". Please take your time and explain your choice. Thanks again.

(the other dude)

I bought mine 4-5weeks ago for 500euros, it's the most disappointing iriver product i bought in the last 2 years.

iHP series lack of support, firmware is jerky, menus are empty, bugs here and there, longest gaps for playback among all iriver products i owned, etc... only good thing is that the hardware is nice, the main unit, the remote seems so fragile... and it doesn't even turn off when i *long*press the remote stop button. BLAH
Really now, only my pride makes me keeping it, else i would have returned it within the 1st week.
Battery lasts only 2 days for me (listening all day long, like 2*7hrs).


Your telling me they want me to spend the same amount on an iriver as an iPod...well shista...I'd buy the iPod over the iRiver for looks alone. I have had no problems with my iPod what so ever...and it's played every audio formate I've needed....like mp3....which is all I've use so far aside from apple's formate....and it can do wav...and audio books as well...I don't see the advantage of the iRiver at all...and it looks guady ugly....

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