Lion Save Feature Troubles

Jul 18, 2009
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I've been having trouble with Lion's new saving system. It is really difficult for me to save files in different formats, such as saving my pages file as a word document and saving a pixelmator file as a JPEG. My main issue is in Pixelmator. In order to save a file as a JPEG, I have to create a duplicate but the duplicate doesn't have all of the changes I just made in the original file - SUPER annoying.

Anyone have any work arounds this? I really have no use for the new saving system as I am used to saving my work quite frequently - it is more of a nuisance.


I JUST found export... Months of using Lion and I never bothered to click it... WOW.......

Anyway, my original question still kind of stands. Is there any way to disable the auto saving?

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