Linksys an iBook G4 - connecting but not working

Feb 9, 2010
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I've got a problem.
I've got a Linksys Befw11s4 router and the iBook G4 with 10.4 os.
In the router options, I've put mac adresses of my laptops to enable a connection to the internet only to the ones I have. It can be done in: wireles-Station MAC filter.
My Samsung laptop (with windows xp) connects to the net with no problem but the iBook shows in the radar-like icon on the top, that connection is established but it does not transfer any data from the net.
Sometimes it is not possible to get to any page for exapmple, sometimes it works but VERY SLOWLY and sometimes it works ok only for a period of time (mostly when no other computer is connecting through the router) and then suddeenly it stops transering any data from the net.

At the beggining I thought that it might be a problem of the router but since my windows xp laptop works correctly... it has to be the rpoblem with the iBoook.

I don't suppose that the wifi card is broken because on the open system router the iBook connects also without the problem.

Does anyone have any idea what it might be?

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